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    M10K 2018
    8192 NIVEAUX
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    User friendly design and battery free –we share common pursuit of efficiency

    Easy access with just one key press –10 keys are available on the panel top for shortcut setup plus one function switch key, which helps to realize a more individualized studio that highly contributes to your work efficiency.


    Finger control enables more flexibility -- touch ring located on the left is designed for canvas zooming, brush adjusting and page scrolling.

    New battery free technology – a battery free digital pen to support your continuous creative work and there is no need of recharging.

    Industry leading and second to none

    Industry leading pressure sensitivity, 8192 levels to render various intensities of pressure applied to the screen vividly.

    5080 LPI, the outstanding pen touch resolution helps to weave your fancy ideas into the work on the screen.

    Industry leading and second to none

    Only ±0.3mm differences, such high accuracy enables detailed modification.

    10mm sensing height and a report rate of 233PPS work together to ensure instant and accurate response between the screen and the pen.

    M10K is 10.5mm thick and 695g in weight, which ensures better portability and mobility.


    Whatever you do and wherever you go, M10K will always by your side.

    • Working Area
    • 8192 Levels
    • Pen Sensing Height
    • 5080LPI
    • 233PPS
    • Touch Ring
    M10K 2018
    Pen Technology
    Battery Free Electromagnetic Resonance
    Press Key
    10Hard Shortcut Keys + 1 Function Switch Key
    Finger Touch
    Touch Ring
    Working Area
    Net Weight
    Pressure Sensitivity
    8192 Levels
    Pen Touch Resolution
    5080 LPI
    Sensing Height
    Report Rate
    Signal Output
    Micro USB
    Digital Pen
    Artpaint AP31
    OS Compatibility
    Windows and macOS 10.12 or above
    Packing List
    Pen Tablet M10K 2018, Digital Pen AP31, Micro USB Cable,
    Pen Nibs*8, Nib Clip, Quick Start Guide
    There Is No Driver Download!